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Written Interview With Lemonnation

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So recently I got the chance to ask Lemonnation a couple questions. I would just like to first thank him for taking some time out of his day for this opportunity. Hope you enjoy.


Q. With the recent changes in Patch 3.10 will 2v1 lanes still exist? Or will they be more situational?

A. 2v1 lanes will still be just as common. The changes did not change that fact that one team benefits from the 1v2, just as one team benefits from the 2v2. It just slows down the game a little since early tower pushing will no longer be possible in the 2v1 situation.

Q. Do you think we will see supports like Alistar, Taric, and Master Yi who have a weak 2v1 but a stronger 2v2 with the recent Patch changes?

A. Alistar could possibly see some play, he is certainly a borderline champ, and with some other supports getting nerfed it could mean he will become more popular.

Q. You have said before that you watch almost every match in the OGN. Is there a specific team or player that you learn from the most? If so why?

A. There are certainly stronger teams in the OGN, but I don’t specifically learn from any in particular. I watch them all pretty equally, any team can be innovative, not just the strongest.

Q. We are currently in the Quarter Finals in the OGN, do you have any thoughts or predictions on how everyone is going to do?

A. I don’t watch OGN close enough to really give a competent prediction on this, but MVP Ozone is obviously looking very strong.

Q. During each of Cloud 9’s LCS matches you have a little notebook that helps keep you guys on track in the Picks and Bans stage. Can you share a little bit about what your notebook contains? Like how many different scenarios does it prepare for, what sort of information does it contain, etc.

A. I don’t want to get in depth about what exactly goes into the notebook. It is also very variable depending on the game, some games pick/ban phase is very straightforward, some games we go through a lot of different iterations.

Q. In a recent blog that you have done you called the NA meta to be “inbred and weak” because they don’t adopt to the world Meta. Why do you think NA teams historically have not switched to it?

A. I think a lot of teams are adapting now, following in our footsteps. In the past I think it was due in part to a lot of the US professionals being overconfident and a bit cocky, believing themselves to be better / smarter than international players. Players that believe they are the best refuse to look outwards to improve themselves, and play badly because of that.

Q. Also in the same blog you mentioned how you didn’t want the NA scene to become like the Chinese scene where everyone put all their efforts to beat WE, instead of adopting the world meta. Right now are NA teams adopting the world meta or do you think it has become like the Chinese scene where teams are putting all their efforts in beating C9?

A. I don’t think NA teams are focusing on only beating us, I think they have conceded our domination of the season and are focusing on improving themselves or beating other NA teams. Some teams have started to attempt to adapt our playstyle, which I think is a smart thing to do, if for no other reason so that they can understand it.

Q. Can you take me through the typical day of being a pro player for Cloud 9? Like what is your daily schedule like.

A. Wake up around 12, do whatever. Scrim from 2-10 with breaks between scrim partners. Solo Queue or do whatever from 10 until sleep.

Q. Initially upon joining the LCS what were your expectations? Did you see your team being 21-2 with one week left to go in the split?

A. I did not see us being this dominant at all. I did not expect us to be 1st, I thought TSM would have held that spot!

Q. Cloud 9 went from being a solid team who failed to make it into the LCS to being a World Class team. How did this transition take place?

A. Cloud 9 is basically a completely different team from back then. I am the only player still on it that is in the same role, with hai switching from jungle to mid lane.

Q. Hypothetically speaking Cloud 9 and Vulcun take first and second at playoffs. Who takes third?

A. Dignitas?

Q. One of Cloud 9’s former ADCs/Mid is currently in the top lane for CLG. What are thoughts on him so far and how does he stack up to Balls?

A. Balls is better than him. Nien has shown his ability to carry, but I think he needs to learn to be more consistent, which will come with time.

Q. Can you explain to me why you picked the name Lemonnation for your IGN?

A. Nope

Q. As an aspiring LoL Esports Journalist I realize I need to break a big story to get my name out there. Everyone knows that you single handedly saved Travis’s Esports career when you predicted Curse Fabbbyyy a month before he joined them. Since then Travis’s career has skyrocketed so I was wondering if you could do the same for me. Can you give me some of insights to a major story that no one else knows about?



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  1. Dewayne is Re-todd-ed

    fuck c9 anally.

  2. Cool interview and a nice read! Though its pretty straightforward, try to go a bit more deep with the interview and also go with more creative questions! Last one is funny though, Keep it up man!

    • Thanks, this is excellent feedback, I felt about half of my questions were lacking a little.

      • Actually, answers were lacking a little, but that is not your problem.

      • As a player I don’t know much about the pros, so maybe get a bit more info on the player themselves. How they joined the team, why they like competitive esports, what are team dynamics, ect. You could also focus a bit on other things like the future, or other interests that the player has. Lastly, his points about WE are interesting, ask more about that it didn’t seem to get indepth with it. I’m also an amature journalist and I like where you started, but try and get more of the story and not just interview for questions. This is a feature on a person, so get the story of the person, not just ask questions for the sake of the interview. keep up the good work. 😀

  3. MASTER YI support ? what the hell is this ?

  4. Some of the questions were valid but the answers and the pattern of the interview are rather on the troll side.
    Least we get to know a bit more about lemonnation but no solid info on the Na scene in this interview.

  5. Great interview, and very easy to read. Are you going to be interviewing more C9 members, like Meteos, or even Hai, the guy that started the team?

    • I will interview any player that will let an amateur such as myself interview them. Ideally I would want to wait to interview another C9 member though. But later I’ll send a message on reddit and twitter to all the pros and see if I can get another one.

  6. Nice interview 🙂

  7. Bert Macklin FBI

    His ign is because his middle name is Lemon. His sisters middle name is Lime.

  8. Lemonnation sounds like a dick to be honest.

  9. c9 is not a world-class team

    they are just stomping on retarded NA teams with korean tactics nobody bothered to learn. everybody knows the NA scene is just horrible, and I don’t expect any of the teams to succeed in worlds.


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